The Nutshell

Would you like to hear a three-year-old explain the entire philosophy behind discipline? Because a couple of weeks ago, Saoirse was misbehaving so badly she was told she wouldn’t be able to attend the beloved gymnastics class she and her sister have every week. As Quinn I shuttled out the door that night, I could hear Saoirse wailing from her bedroom–I mean, she was bellowing horrendous cries of despair, of betrayal, heart-wrenching sobs that bounced along the walls of our small house and did a splendid job of making me feel like the crappiest mother ever. I was second-guessing the decision all the way to the car.


Once on the way, Quinn asked me if Saoirse was going to gymnastics. She answered herself before I could.

“No, she’s not going to gymnastics, because she’s misbehaving.”

I murmured my agreement, though my heart still hurt, because this forty-five minute class is the highlight of SK’s week (which also goes to show how rough the day had been if I’d gone to that as my last resort, but you knew that already).


Quinn wasn’t finished.

“But you love her and you love me.”

Again, I agreed, and that was the end of the conversation.


That’s all there needed to be said, really.

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