And Away We Go

Welcome to Milestone Alley, occupation: five.

Where shall we begin?


On Friday, I got word from my agent that after approximately two years, ten months, and one day (not that I was counting), I don’t have to revise my novel anymore. Just like that, it’s ready for the next step.  And just like that, I’m working on a new idea.  Because I never liked nighttime TV, sleep before midnight, or empty hampers anyway.


Today, my oldest daughter starts kindergarten, and in a sense, the rest of her life. I thought I was ready for this.

I am not.


Today, my tentative youngest daughter begins preschool, and takes the first step of her life that does not follow her big sister. I have to stand back and watch her go.


Today, my husband begins not just a new job, not just a promotion, but a new career.

Because it’s never too late.


Oh, and Cian? He turned eight months old this weekend, and the very same day, two months ahead of when I expected it, started to crawl. I made lunch, and saw that he’d followed me into the kitchen. He says “baba” and “mama.” He weighs 20 pounds. He skipped pureed foods altogether, and eats stalks of broccoli and carrots, and peach slices and cucumbers, and (don’t judge me) pizza crusts.  He is perilously close to not being a baby anymore.


It all happens so quickly, when it starts to happen, doesn’t it? I had a colleague once tell me that, when it seems that everything is happening at once–whether bad or good–it’s because God knows that we handle it best if we’re hit with it all at one time. The theory is that shock–or sensory overload, really–can be a decent coping mechanism.  Smart lady, that teacher friend.


Life is changing. We’re on the cusp of, of…I don’t know. We never know. But once you’re on the roller coaster, all you can do is trust that you’re secure, throw your arms in the air, and fly.


Luckily for me, I love a good roller coaster. Even if this one we’re on sometimes seems a little too fast.


  1. Erin | 4th Sep 13

    Love this post! Love your blog and am curious about your upcoming book 🙂 I am a mother of two girls – almost 4 yrs and a 10 month-old. I am struggling with these transitions too – although my problem is that I find it hard to throw my arms up on the roller coaster and simply enjoy the ride. The milestones always seem to come with a pang of loss at the same time. I also had a paper thin and then ruptured uterus after baby #2, so knowing i won’t experience these milestones again is hard. Oh motherhood!

    • Leah Ferguson | 5th Sep 13

      Erin, I’m so glad you took the time to leave me a note–thank you! And about the loss–I do know what you mean. I was in tears this weekend (sappy, I know. But you understand!) when C started crawling. He’s so big for his age as it is, I told my husband, “Welp, that’s it! He’s not a baby anymore.” and got all weepy. It’s not easy sometimes to be so involved in their lives and know that the whole point of it all is to prep them for *not* needing us, you know? Are you home with them?

      • Erin | 19th Sep 13

        Hi Leah – I am at home with them, although like you, I try to squeeze work in (to keep the mind from turning to mush 🙂 I run a letterpress business from my home. I found your blog a while back, I think while searching for ruptured uterus (weird! Right?) and love your writing!

        • Leah Ferguson | 23rd Sep 13

          Thank you, Erin! So glad to see that little uterus snafu was good for something! 😉

  2. lyndzeerae27 | 4th Sep 13

    Beautiful post, so truthful. 🙂

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