Yes, Butterflies

I opened up the computer today to vent. Vent about child whining, and child fighting, and most of all, child defiance, especially that of the 4-year-old sort. It’s been a rough go of it the past few days, and I’m at wit’s end. As in, dealing with a defiant preschooler is more of a test than potty training, and we all know how much I DESPISE potty training. Deeeessspppiiiiiise.

But preschooler defiance has trumped it all. And I was just able to get my brains together after the jumbling they’ve taken after all of that head-banging-against-the-wall, and I had taken to Internet Land to vent. Because I’m like a geyser in Yellowstone, baby. There’s only so much keeping-calm and thinking-through-discipline and worrying over rash punishments a girl can take before she’s gonna blow. So here I came.


I started scrolling though the photos I’d taken on my phone this morning. It’s gorgeous here, spring-like and lovely with no humidity and mild temperatures, so I’d taken the girls to see some butterflies. Yes, butterflies. And yes, the elder one’s been misbehaving, but I took her on a fun little escape anyway. I get the conflicting message in that. But sometimes, just sometimes, all you need is a little breather.

So we went to smell some flowers, and visit our local butterfly house to get lost in the dreamworld that is the little room of blossoms and butterflies and water. We ate lunch on the veranda of an elegant hotel, overlooking the hills and treetops surrounding us. We returned home, content, happy, smiling at each other again.

Because sometimes you just need a breather. Or some butterflies.

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