Short and Sweet

I went out with friends last night, and it was one of those evenings where we try to fit three months of conversation into three hours.  I came away thinking I might write something today about friendship and finding people with whom you really click.  But then, one of my friends and her family are moving next week.  She’s the first friend I’ve made since moving back to this area to leave it, so I thought maybe I’d write about that today–change and growth and all the feelings of fear and sadness and excitement those two words can conjure.  And then, as I opened up my laptop, I realized that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and yes, you guessed it…maybe I’d jot down some ideas about being grateful and simply appreciating the moment as it happens.  Apparently I’m in a sentimental mood.

But then I was saw this picture in my files. And I don’t need to write anything more.  It already did.

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