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Daily Archives: November 9, 2011


That’s it.  Glee just put me over the edge.   These past 24 hours have given me enough reason to pack my children up and move to the Himalayas until they’re 21. Hideous, horrible details keep falling out of the awful mess that is the Sandusky/Penn State scandal.  I’m not going to recap them all, because anyone who has a news channel app on his smartphone, or listens to ESPN radio, or lives where we do, where there’s a Nittany Lion sticker on every other car, knows the details as soon as they hit the wire.  But the piece that actually has brought tears to my eyes is the growing number of people who learned of or knew what was (yes, allegedly, but c’mon) happening to these little boys and didn’t do anything about it.  No one stopped an instance of abuse when he saw it happening.  No one called the police.   There is a rage that fills my heart that feels an awful lot like hurt and pity. Children trusted adults, and were failed by coaches and university administrators. A local elementary school teacher who plead guilty…