Yeah, About That

I was cleaning up some dishes, getting ready to finish dinner.  It’d been a glorious, brilliant fall day–like something out of a movie, with a clear blue sky and leaves crumbling underfoot and the smell of someone’s fireplace in the air.  I’d just come in with the girls, where we’d been outside, pushing them on their swings in the backyard.  They were playing together (together!) with some cars and books in the living room, quietly, contentedly.

“Hey, Saoirse,” I said, suddenly curious.

“Yes, Mom?”

“What do you like to do most in the world?  What’s your favorite thing?”


No surprise, there.  I smiled at the two, sitting side by side, rolling the cars around the coffee table.

“What’s your least favorite thing?  What do you not like doing at all?”


I looked a little more closely.  Saoirse had taken Quinn’s toy and replaced it with one of her own.  Another moment later would find her throwing a train across the room and hip-checking her little sister away from the table.  Two moments after that there would be tears, a lot of “Noooo!” and some throwing of one’s 3-year-old self down on the floor.

Swinging.  Yeah, that was nice.  I think we need to play outside more often.

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