Piece of the Puzzle

There are a few little idiosyncrasies of our Mighty Quinn that hold our fascination at the moment:

  1. The uh-oh sound she makes whenever she drops something.  It’s like a hiccup:  “UH-ohhh!” and makes us want to chase down whatever she’s dropped–ball, keys, half-chewed piece of French toast–just to hear her say it again.
  2. The way she holds on to one foot and points it oh-so-delicately to help put on her clothing.  Whether it’s a pair of pants, or a sock, or a t-shirt, that foot is going in first.
  3. Her new favorite thing to do is hold on to a grown-up’s hands and “jump” up and down repeatedly, which basically consists of her bouncing furiously on her knees and giggling maniacally.  No, she’s not walking yet.  Yes, she’s 16 months old.  But man, you should see her jump.
  4. She says “uuuuuuhhh” whenever we drive over bumpy roads, just to hear her voice shake.
  5. When she’s finished eating, she picks up her plate with both hands, swings it to the nearest grown-up, holds it out with a flourish, and says “There.”  Except if you don’t duck you might get a piece of ceramic to the head, and it sounds more like “Dere.”
  6. She calls the dog “Luca,” which is his name, and the cat “Luca Cat,” which is not.

Okay, I’m finished.  Thank you for your kind attention.  There was no real point to this list, no deeper meaning or accidental metaphor.  It’s simply that this is what Quinn is doing right now, it’s absolutely adorable to us, and I want to remember it forever.





  1. ifiwerebraveblog | 20th Oct 11

    I love these. It’s so great that you are recording them. I wish I could hear my kids say some of those cute things again. My youngest used to say “belicious” and “bessert.” We loved it when she asked for a belicious bessert!

  2. Carla | 18th Oct 11

    I really enjoyed this! And, you are most welcome for the attention. It’s a great post!

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