At last.

Saoirse and Quinn are finally–finally!–at the point where they will play together, happily.  They’ll giggle, and chase each other around the house.  They crack each other up, and look for the other when one’s not around.   On walks, Saoirse insists on pushing Quinn in her little car, while all the while Quinn cries “Yaaayyyyy!” with each jerk and turn.

Yes, there’s screaming, and squealing, and “Mom! She took my toy!” but I’ve realized that if I don’t step in right away they’ll work it out themselves.  What do you know.

The other day, I heard SK quietly talking in the playroom, but other than that, there was absolute silence.  I peeked around the corner, and there they were, handing each other some blocks, communicating quietly, working together.

What do you know.

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