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Daily Archives: July 8, 2011

Don’t It Always Seem to Go

We heard the buzz of the chainsaw, and the next thing I know Saoirse was on the couch in front of the big window in our living room, staring across the street.  “Mom,” she said.  “What are those men doing?”  I groaned, then reached for the phone and dialed David. “The neighbors are cutting down that tree in their front lawn!  That huge one!” David started laughing. “But you hated that tree!  All you could talk about was how ugly it was.” “I know,” I said.  “But it’s a tree!” It really was an ugly tree, to tell you the truth.  Hideous thing.  But still.  When David and I moved here from Baltimore, we were looking for something different from the concrete and traffic of downtown living.  We wanted trees.  So we bought a house across the street from woods and meadows.  Granted, we were just blocks away from a busy road, but you wouldn’t know that standing in our front yard.  Here, we imagined Bambi and his mom scampering around in the fields and marveled at all the bluebirds flitting about–mainly…