I Think David’s Been Coaching Her

As someone who attributes great weight to the power of words (nerd!), there’s always been a short list of them that I absolutely, unequivocally, can’t stand.  Hearing these words actually makes my skin feel as if large (greasy-looking, horned, poisonous) bugs are crawling all over it.  I shudder like someone just offered me throw-up for lunch.  I cringe. I cower.  I make really unattractive faces. But these words! I really, really hate these words, and would gladly throw a party if they went the way of the fanny pack and just disappeared into an embarrassing memory. Alas, these words exist, as if their sole purpose is to chase me down, find me, and torture me with their hideous sounds.





mmm (okay, not a word, but close enough to count), when said in response to something delicious.

Those are the biggest offenders. And my daughter managed to use every single one of these words this morning to describe her breakfast. I may have to gouge out my eardrums before we sit down to lunch.

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