Discussions & Workshops

“Ferguson deftly illustrates how choices shape our lives, and how it’s never too late to change course and head in the right direction.”

Amy Sue Nathan, author of Left to Chance


One of the greatest joys of Leah’s writing career is the occasional opportunity it gives her to tap into her old life as a teacher. Leah has spoken with writers’ groups, elementary school teachers, high school creative writing students, libraries, and even a yoga class about the business (and day-to-day work) of becoming an author. If there’s one common theme that threads its way through all of these discussions it’s this: How can I chase my dream?

In addition to more casual conversations and question-and-answer sessions (often a big hit with high school classes or book groups), Leah is in the process of taking the most common topics and questions she’s encountered over the last couple years and creating two workshops for aspiring authors. Please check back periodically: more information will be posted to the drop-down menus when it’s available. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact her to schedule a talk with your group or class.

Because it’s never too late–or too early–to start chasing that dream.