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Hopefully by the Time She’s 2

These are the feet of a 15-month-old who doesn’t want to walk. Oh, she could walk if she wanted to do so.  She’ll stand in the middle of a room for a full minute, by herself, giggling at whomever is cheering her on.  And she’ll tease us by taking half a step before crouching back down on all fours and tearing off after a ball, or toy car, or large dog who doesn’t deserve the overjoyed pounding he’s about to get in the face.  But she just. won’t. walk. There’s other stuff she can do perfectly well.  She can move up and down the stairs of our house more quickly than I can after, say, a hard work-out or anytime, actually, before my first cup of coffee.  She’ll repeat words we say, then immediately incorporate them into her vocabulary (“Wow!” “Hungry!” “Tintinnabulation!”).  If she hears her big sister ask if we have any candy, and if so may she have some, she’ll promptly drop whatever she’s doing and start reaching for…