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And Down I Go

I shared this on Twitter yesterday, but sometimes 140 characters aren’t enough, so it’s still with me, and since often the only way to shake a thought or worry that’s bugging me is to write about it, here you go, dear reader: welcome to the inside of my brain. It’s messy in there, isn’t it? Saoirse came up to me the day before yesterday (I think?)  and handed me a bunch of papers. “Mom!” she said. “Look! I made a book for you!”  She’s been reading it with David every night before bed.  And ever since she presented the “book” to me, I’m been thrown into a world of guilt because just–JUST–when I thought I was on top of my life, my footing went out from underneath me and I started tumbling down the mound of responsibilities that sits in the middle of my world. Though, to tell you the truth, that mound could just be the laundry. So here it goes: The dog hair has begun drifting across the floor like tumbleweeds of pet dander…