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Leah Cooks a Simple Breakfast Yogurt Bowl

This isn’t really a recipe, you guys. And I know any good nutritionist will tell you that a proper breakfast has green things (heretofore called “vegetables”) in it, but…well, it’s still my breakfast. Every. single. day. I’ll double up on the green things at lunch, okay? So excuse the cheating on every level, but I promised you the usual stuff from my family table, so here you go, in all its lame glory. Here’s what you get: some whole-fat Greek yogurt for protein and to fill you up, a little granola so you don’t gag on the yogurt at 6:30 a.m. (#truth), and a serving of fruit with a little coconut for good happy measure. BOOM. Done. This is in our kids’ breakfast rotation two or three days out of the school week (we save the sugary cereal for the weekends. I’ll let you guys guess which days are their favorites). The only modifications are that we add a little bit of honey to their yogurt for sweetness, and I’ll put ramekins of toppings on the table so…