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Because in My Family, Yoga is the New Kickboxing

After years of taking classes here and there and eventually acknowledging that I don’t know my asana from a hole in the ground, something strange has happened: I actually caught the yoga bug, thanks to an online recommendation to try Yoga with Adriene (she’s just the coolest and most laidbackest, I swear) which I can’t believe I’m admitting, because when does somebody as angsty as I am fall in love with yoga, let alone YouTube yoga? And yet. There’re seems to be something to all this quiet strength, mind-and-body mumbo jumbo all these yogi people keep crowing (ha! Get it?! Crow! Because it’s a pose!) about. I really hate it when I’m wrong. But here’s the thing: when you exercise at home, or really, when you have a toddler and a dog who follow you around the house wherever you go, “time on the mat” means more wrestling than stretching. The three-year-old army-crawls under you during downward dog. The actual dog curls up to take a nap on one end of the mat while you hold mountain…