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To Give Some Rest

Quinlan, like many four-year-olds, is afraid of the dark. Every night, she cries–and the cries, they are so loud–until I finally end up lying down beside her, after countless trips into her room to tell her, honest, it’s all okay. I lie there in my jeans, on top of her covers, running through my mental to-do list of what I still have to conquer before my own collapse into bed. My eyes burn after another long day of thisthisthis, and I wrap her in my arms, this sobbing child, shaking and shuddering, until she finally falls asleep on my shoulder, one hand on my chest, the other against her mouth. Her hair is a tangle of curls spread out over the both of us like sea foam on a stormy ocean, and I have to tenuously plan my escape, lest one of those knotted strands wrap itself in my earring or under my arm, waking her and starting the routine all over again. In my heart, I understand that this is just a normal part of childhood, and it will pass, but I hate that she’s frightened and wish…