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All the Days of Your Life

My little brother got married this weekend, far away from his hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in the Madison, Wisconsin suburb of Middleton. The bride had hair like Rapunzel and a dress with a skirt that went on for miles. The groom, who wore his tux like, “yeah, I always wear these things,” ripped off his suspenders as soon as the ceremony was over because apparently, yech, suspenders. It was the best Catholic wedding I’ve ever been to–not too long!–funny, and touching, and personalized to the couple like none I’ve witnessed (the Gospel reading talked a lot about wine. So, there you go). I cried so much one of my fake eyelashes came partially unglued and started poking me in the eyelid. Nobody tripped. Or popped out of their dress/pants/etc. It was a success, as weddings go. And there’s something sticking with me. The happy couple is on their honeymoon right now, road tripping through the American midwest. They’ve known each other for a decade, have traveled together as friends, so I’m hoping this transition to husband-and-wifehood will be an easy…