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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Territorial

We were sitting at lunch the other day when SK found out that her Uncle Paul will not be moving back to Pennsylvania, but instead will either be settling with his new wife Sarah in Indiana, where she already had a house (and where they live now), or somewhere in Wisconsin. Saoirse’d already known this–at least the part about her uncle not living close by anymore–but I guess six-year-olds just aren’t the best at retaining what they really don’t want to. “What?!” she said. Her face looked surprised, taken aback, sad. And then about a half a second later, her expression changed into something…grown-up–utterly serious, in fact–and the oral argument began. “But they have worser weather. Our weather is better.” She had a valid point. “And we have more ice cream shops.” We’re pretty sure Wisconsin’s got anything involving dairy on lock, but stayed quiet. “We have Sky Zone and Monkey Joe’s.” I imagined my brother and sister-in-law giving up tailgating on football weekends to…