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I Hate it When the Kids Know Better than I Do

It was so cold last night–well, cold for our crew, anyway. The temperature hovered around 50, with that oh-so persistent fall wind that cuts right through you, straight to the bone, making you wonder how the end of October got here so quickly. Saoirse and David left for her basketball practice at 4:45, after a ridiculously early dinner, and the littles asked to go outside to play. I said yes, of course, because when your kids actually want to play outside, in the wild, you certainly don’t tell them to sit down and watch some TV instead. (Right?) But it was cold out. With that wind? Brrr. But they played for almost two hours. They played until the sun disappeared behind the trees and the clouds turned pink and gold and blue in the sunset. They played until their noses were red and fingers were shivering. They were laughing. Laughing almost the whole time, and they were the only kids outside in the neighborhood because did I mention that it was cold?  I want to start running again, and have, a little bit, and by a little bit, I mean I went out for…