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He’s Two, Baby

He’s two. He’s two. He is my baby, my youngest. He is my most affectionate child. He was my most exhausting newborn. He is walking and running and climbing and talking, and he is now two years old. I still haven’t caught up on my sleep, but he seems to be doing just fine. I love him beyond reason, beyond measure. I joke (okay, it’s not a joke, but I have to make it sound like a joke, or else I’m just complaining) that having that third kid is what tipped me over the edge, life-wise. Everything resembling organization and routine unraveled and fell apart after Cian entered our world. We are officially in survival mode, and quite honestly, I can’t tell you how well I’m even managing that. Those of my friends out there who are about to add on to your families–more specifically, entering into a reality where there will be more tiny offspring than parents living in your household–let me just do what few others did for me and warn you, straight-up: life is about to get…