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Maybe They’re Loud on Purpose

The geese are coming! And going. South, it appears, to my absolute dismay. Every single day, in the rising heat of the morning and cool of the evening, they’ve begun to emerge, loud and cantankerous, flying low through the gaps between houses around me. The flocks are small now, hollering at each other as they arrange their own flight patterns to clear themselves for landing on the wide swath of water just beyond my line of vision. I’m not ready to see them. I’m not ready for fall, and cool temperatures, and bare limbs on trees. I feel like summer hasn’t even really started for us, not yet. I don’t want to see the geese. But I have to admit I kind of love them. My neighborhood was created on a rise of ground that’s nestled in the crook of the creek (say that three times quickly, will you?) that meanders through our valley on its lazy way to meet the Susquehanna River. I’d desperately wanted to buy one of the houses that backed up to the trees that curve over the creek itself (the birds! the water! the…