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It Hit the Fan

It was the Saturday before Mother’s Day. David was visiting with some family back in Baltimore, and I was exhausted. It’d been a long day, I was tired, and I just couldn’t face the idea dishes and cooking and cleaning on this solo Saturday night. So I dug up a restaurant gift card my mom had kindly given us a while back, dragged the girls out of the house right before dinner time, and headed out to get take-out.  Right before we got into the car, Quinn looked at me, grimaced, grabbed at her diaper, and said “Oh, potty, Mommy, poopy-potty.” I ran my hand over the back of her pants, but didn’t feel the telltale lump, and put her in her carseat anyway, figuring she’d be fine in a slightly wet diaper ’till we got home. Don’t judge me. I know you’ve done it, too. But what you probably have not done is forget all about that wet diaper, wait ten long minutes in a crowded restaurant for your dinner, bring the food and the children back in the house…