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From the Trenches

There are certain realities when you’re home all day with a baby, and it’s so, so easy to forget them until it’s too late and you’re pregnant again when you’re not in baby mode. They’re not ground-breaking, or mind-blowing, or even “Hey, whaddya know?”-worthy, but for what it’s worth, I’m writing down the top 3 of these realities that simply can’t be escaped, if you’re about to tread down a similar weary path yourself one day: 1. Breastfeeding exhaustion. I don’t mean it like, “Oh my gad can this kid EVER stop reaching for my boobies!” but more that you’re just…tired the whole year (or weeks, or year and a half, or whatever) that you’re nursing. I don’t really notice it until the baby’s weaned, and I can actually make it until 9 p.m. without falling asleep sitting up with my chin in my chest like my dad used to do in his recliner when he was in his 60s…