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Holding On to My Hat

I took Quinn to her first preschool open house yesterday. We’re a bit nervous about her starting, I’m afraid. Quinn is definitely her own person, I’ll tell you that much. If I send her up to her room, she’ll call out “I don’t WANT to!”–as she’s climbing the stairs in obedience.  She will fight her bedtime, repeatedly appearing downstairs when she should be sleeping–“Watchu watching?” or “What’s that on your com-poo-ter?”–but tuck herself into bed for a nap in the afternoon without prompting. She will dance around the living room like this girl I knew in college who was basically sort of high all the time and heard a lot of music in her head, but refuses to participate in any sort of organized dance, or song, or sport, or party game, choosing instead to huddle against me with her thumb in her mouth. Just last week, even, my mom was over, watching the girls while I ran out to an appointment.  I got home, and the girls were running outside to…