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Saving Up for Her Therapy Now

I made my daughter cry today.  I raised my voice at my 3-year-old Saoirse (some would say yelled), at close proximity, at a decibel sustained for entirely too long, and made her cry.  I shouldn’t have yelled at her.  There was no reason to get that angry. We’d just gotten back from the grocery store.  It’d started out as a good day.  SK had her swim lesson this morning, and we were flying high on the pride that comes from swimming on your own, without help, for a whopping three seconds without drowning (Going into swim lessons, I heard:  “I loooove Coach Mike!”  Leaving swim lessons:  “I don’t liiike going underwater.  Let’s not do that again.”).  We desperately needed some kid-appropriate food in the house (you know, fresh fruit, yogurt, lollipops), so I decided to hedge my bets and duck into the store while the girls were in a good mood.  We grabbed an early lunch at the in-store cafe, and I figured that a full belly should hold the kids off for the hour (I was feeling optimistic) I needed. But…