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When Your Purpose Needs Some Breathing Room: A Midlife Crisis in Progress

It’s really, really hard to walk through this life without keeping tabs on other people. And I know I can tell you this because you understand what I’m talking about. That person clearly has more money than I do–look at that brand-new pool! Did you see that new SUV? Ugh. They better be in boatloads of debt or I’m going to hate myself. Or: That person was just awful to me. Why do people have to be so mean? Why should I bother being nice to him/her when s/he’s such an asshat?  Or: If I have to do ONE MORE LOAD OF LAUNDRY (substitute: wash one more dish, pay one more bill, make one more meal, schedule one more week) I am going to LOSE my MIND. Why doesn’t anybody else around here do as much as I do? Ugh, this house/our lives would fall apart if it weren’t for me. Or: No one told me marriage would be this hard. Honest to goodness, single people don’t know how good they have it. Why does that couple seem so happy…