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Tentative Feet Make the Loudest Noise

toddle toddle toddle PLOP. At eighteen months of age, Cian finally started walking. toddle toddle toddle PLOP. I’d like to say we weren’t getting concerned but–sorry, Key–we were. He just started crawling so much earlier than the girls we figured…well, we thought… toddle toddle toddle PLOP. He took his own time, as they do, as you know. He liked to be held. He enjoyed the view from our vantage point (the sights! the sounds! they’re all so clear!). He could move more quickly on his hands and knees, toes scraping the ground as he scurried around furniture and up stairs and under tables. He was sneaky about it, when it happened, our little ninja walker. Behind closed doors, only to fall butt-first onto the carpet as soon as we made eye contact. He took steps toward his sisters, so they got to see the first ones, but he’d cock his head and smile at us when he thought we’d caught on. What? he seemed to say. Nothing to see here, ‘rents. Really. Not yet. toddle toddle toddle PLOP.  The first steps…