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And Then I Told Them Don’t Ever Use That One in School

So you know that little year of awesome I’m trying to chase down? This whole getting back to basics so I can be a better person/mom/citizen? Let me just give you a quick update, based on a conversation I overheard between Saoirse and Quinlan.  The scene: We’d just gotten home from school, and we’re sitting at the kitchen table. I was helping the girls sort their homework and Saoirse was talking about a recent dance-a-thon her school held as a fundraiser for cancer research.  In passing, Saoirse mentioned that she didn’t know some of the songs played during the thon: “We didn’t get to pick any of the songs, because I think they let fifth graders got to do that.” There was a pause. “They had bad words in those songs,” she said.  “What?” I said, taken aback. “They did?” And before I could stop myself, “what words?”  Saoirse looked at me sideways and smirked. “I heard the s word!” Quinlan perked up at this. “What’s the s word?” &#8220…