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At Six Months

Cian’s teething. That one, that first stubborn tooth, on the bottom gum, right in front, has been there, hiding under the surface for weeks, sticking up against my finger when I feel it, but it won’t break through.  It’s just hanging out, waiting for I don’t know what (maybe actual real food that’s worth the effort rather than the mushed up baby carrots I’ve been attempting to shove in there?), but it just won’t budge. Instead, it sits there, right under the skin, and taunts us.  Taunts Cian, mostly, making him run his tongue over the sore skin, urging him to gnaw on anything that comes within arm’s reach:  a burp cloth, my hand, his sister’s hair. I am going to tell you that he is the happiest baby I’ve ever known.  You are going to roll your eyes, sigh, and possibly close your browser window.  I’m sorry.  I can’t fib.  It’s the truth.  Ask anyone, I swear:  he smiles at everybody.  He cries maybe in the middle of the night, when his diaper…