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My Mighty Grows

My sweet Quinn turns three today. I truly can’t comprehend where these past years have gone, because I could swear to you I was just admiring the appearance of her first tooth. But I see her now and know that toddler is long gone. The little girl standing before me is tall and lanky, like a bean sprout that just continues to stretch from seed to sun. She’s peaches-and-cream complexion, hazel-green eyes, a mop of crazy-curly burnt-orange hair that draws comments from strangers we pass in the grocery aisle, in the bank, on the sidewalk. She sucks her thumb when she’s tired. It took months for her to potty-train, but I’ll find her in the bathroom now, washing her hands, already finished without us realizing she’d gone upstairs in the first place. She refuses to nap, appearing at the top of the stairs, clutching her stuffed dolphin in bleary-eyed defiance, but other days will simply announce that she’s tired and march to her room, insisting that she will tuck herself into bed. She is an imp who knows that a smile…