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Point Made

A Facebook friend shared today a blog post she’d seen.  It’s called “To the Mother with Only One Child,” by Simcha Fisher, and it’s just…it’s so…it’s really…well, I dare you to read it only once, and I double dog dare you to read it, then be able to go about your day without sitting quietly in your seat for a few moments first, solemnly contemplating what you’d just read.  To any parent–any mother, especially–it’s really quite a reality check. I’ll give you a moment to go read it, then come back to me. Still waiting. Oh, good you’re back.  Pretty moving stuff, right?  And for me, it strikes at a place that’s just a little too close to home.  I’ve written what feels like countless virtual pages about how tough it was to make the transition to staying at home, how tired I am of doing all the flipping laundry all day long while my husband goes out for sushi at lunch with his co-workers…