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Quinlan Quote of the Week #2

We were sitting at the table after school. The girls were working on their homework, and I was there with them, rifling through paperwork (always. so much! The WORKSHEETS) and helping them as I needed (Saoirse, at third grade, already does her math more quickly than I check it. The cliche is real). Saoirse’s teacher asks parents to sign a behavior chart every day so we know how our child is behaving in class. Both girls are fascinated with these behavior charts–it seems like every teacher in their school uses one this year–and are even more fascinated with telling me how they work.Saoirse popped up out of her seat. “MOM,” she said. “You should totally have a chart for us here. See, this is how it works…” and she went on to describe this color-coded system where each child gets a pin that is moved up or down depending on their behavior. She went on some more–“you should totally do this, Mom!”–to explain how rewards and punishments work for each color the pin is on. A solid ten minutes later&#8211…