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Marriage: For Better or Lowe’s

It was a Saturday morning, at the home improvement mecca we call Lowe’s: One child in a “car cart,” his older sisters crying and moaning because they’re too big for said cart. “Can I drive it? Can I just get into the basket? WHY CAN’T WE GET IN?” In the paint section, with witnesses, David and I have a major disagreement over the right shade of blue-gray for our living room (yes, we already painted it, yes I hated the color as David was putting it on the wall, and yes it took him three days to apply said hated paint because I didn’t stop him LET’S NOT GO THERE). I suggest that, instead of trying to get another new color, we just go to Home Depot and get the paint I’d wanted for the walls in the first place. As this is a family-friendly blog, I will omit what David said next. In the light section, we make a decision to purchase a light fixture to replace the awful broken one (the one, if you’ve been to our house…