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Cooking! (And Then Totally Cooling, Because It’s Hot Out): Sesame-Peanut Noodles

We were on vacation in the Outer Banks this summer when we ducked into Upside, a restaurant in Corolla, which, although clearly not the place whose employees ordinarily might jump up with glee and clap when a family with three small kids comes waltzing in, smiled and made room for us all the same. They had a special on the menu that night, a sesame noodle salad with some sort of scallops on top, and ever since we came back home in July I’ve been trying to recreate them (just the noodles–I could never recreate those scallops).Here’s the problem, though. These noodles–any sesame noodles, I think, because I’ve been trying them all–are, while incredible, not for everyone. My darling husband (you know him as David), holds a bit of an icy  place in his heart when it comes to cold noodles. He just doesn’t appreciate–nay, understand!–the concept. And when I, the primary cook of our family, sets a plate of this stuff down in front of him at 6 p.m. on a Wednesday night–a sweltering, humid, miserable kind…