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Leah Cooks the Best Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes from Sally’s Baking Addiction

David turned Still Younger Than I Am last month, and he requested strawberry shortcake for dessert, but not actually a cake, but maybe cupcakes, or something like cupcakes, he said. He’s so lucky I can speak David. I went with strawberry shortcake cupcakes, which was the best decision I’ve made in a really long time, and–if you make these for yourself, which you should, right now–you’ll see what what I mean. I have absolutely no good pictures of these cupcakes because I didn’t think about it until the nighttime, and our kitchen has terrible light. If I were smart, I’d have waited till daylight to grab a photo of one of them for you, but, um, my supply had greatly dwindled by then. It had dwindled into my stomach, if you know what I mean. These cupcakes are delicious, so ignore the picture and just trust me. I found the recipe on the site of a blog I really like, Sally’s Baking Addiction (anything I’ve ever made of Sally’s is guaranteed no-fail. It’s ridiculous in all the…