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Step One: Stop the Loop

Note: This is the beginning of a recurring series of posts I’m calling The Year of Living Intentionally. (Unofficially, I’m calling it That Time Leah Decided to Get Her Shit Together.) You’ll be able to access all the posts here. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure. A writer friend, Jess Topper, mentioned something online the other day about “stopping the loop.” She was referring to that negative script that runs through a person’s brain, and it made me pause: I’m not the only one. Other people struggle with the loop, too. You might know what it sounds like: I’m not good enough for this. I’ll never get ahead. I bit off more than I can chew. I’ll never get there. I’ll never have that life. I’m too out of shape, too weird, too disorganized, too too too… It’s time to stop the loop. But when did it start? Was the loop running through my head as I grew up? Did it only begin when I became a parent? Because this sense…