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It’s the Catholic Playoffs, and Somebody Just Fumbled the Ball

Let’s talk about faith (faith-a, faith-a, faith-AHHH–baby!), shall we? You guys know that I’m Catholic, the product of a devout mom and a Christian-but-not-Catholic dad (I asked him once why he’d agreed to raise us in the faith if he didn’t believe in it. His response? “Because your mother wouldn’t marry me if I hadn’t.”). I took a long circle after my teenage years, kind of drifting my way away from Catholic Land (with the occasional visit back to see if the climate was still inhabitable) while I figured some stuff out, then coming back to it with a faith that was all my own, if that makes sense. And then I went and married a Christian-but-not-Catholic-and-never-gonna-be-Catholic guy myself. Karma is a hilarious thing.  I think you also know that we send our kids to a Catholic school. We love the place, and even though we kind of get this wide-eyed blinky twitching action going in our faces when we realize that tuition for one kid will not be…