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Oh, He Said It

Note: I’m blushing as I type this, and I almost didn’t post it, because I can’t retell this story without wanting to die just a tiny bit inside. But this is what you get when you’re candid with your kids. THIS, my friends, is what we deserve: As the preschoolers filed out of the school this morning, Cian’s teacher pulled me aside. “Hey,” she laughed. “I have something for your blog.” “Oh, no,” I said. Mrs. O. let the comment slide, because she has a great sense of humor and this story was too good not to share.  “We were upstairs,” she continued, “and Cian was looking up at a picture of a leprechaun. I said, ‘Hey, Cian! That looks like you.’ Cian was looking up. ‘No,’ he said. “He has a beard.’” “‘Well, you’re going to have a beard one day,’” Mrs. O. said she told him.  “Yeah,” he replied. And then he shrugged. “‘And hair on my penis.’” Yep. That’s what…