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Oh, Just Another Morning

Things I have said today: “Stop that.” “I said, stop that.” “Quinlan, stop trying to lick your sister’s face.” “Do you have to poop? Why don’t you try to go poop.” “Stop that.” “Don’t throw that ball on the table!” “I don’t care if you don’t have to go pee. Try to pee, anyway…see?” “Yes, you have to go to school today.” “Use your words, Quinn.  Licking the air doesn’t tell me anything.” “Stop that!” “Quinn, don’t touch the cat’s butt.” “Quinn.” “Quinn, go wash your hands. The cat’s butt isn’t clean.” “Please don’t drink that syrup!” “Stop that!” Some days the sound of my own voice is the most irritating noise I hear. And on this day, it’s not even eight a.m. yet. I think the kids would agree with me, too…