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We are a house with three infections, two sinus and one ear. There is lots of coughing, many, many sneezes, and occasional weeping. David cowers in the corners, shielding himself from the infestation of germs blowing toward him across the waves of humidified air. Quinn has slept most of the day. She’s still feverish. It’s hard to see your child, cheeks flushed cherry-red, eyes all wet and frantic-looking, asking you to turn off the “yight” because she wants to go back to sleep. My mom stopped by, bearing fruit popsicles and extra tissues. She called me from our local grocery store, saying she was just in the area (she lives a half-hour away), wondering if we needed anything. I love my mother. I love her even more when I can answer the door at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, still in pajamas and glasses and she doesn’t even blink, because she’s known me since I was all in-utero and whatnot, and what’s seeing your daughter in a pair of bright blue pajama pants with drawings of margaritas splashed all over them when…