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A Pair of Shoes, A Paradox

Ladies (and some gents, if you’re willing to own up to it), do you remember this? Wearing your mom’s high heels? Prancing around in her clothes? Getting that giddy smile on your face when, for just a second, you were somebody else? Somebody special? You were your mom! You were a grown-up.  I caught Saoirse trying on my shoes yesterday, cavorting around her room a little too well for my taste in heels that are just about three  inches too high for anybody under the age of, say, 18.  She was giddy. I was concerned that she was going to wreck an ankle.  And as I am wont to do, I had three extreme and sudden silent reactions, all while keeping a proud-mommy smile plastered on my horrified face: 1.  Holy s#!+! She’s going to wreck her ankle! 2.  Aaaahhh!  No, no!  You look too mature in those heels and getthemoff! 3.  Wait. That’s what I used to do with my mom’s shoes. When did I become the mom? As I ran to grab the camera before Saoirse forgot the shoes and went back to playing with Lightning…