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Maybe She’s Right

We were driving home the other day, down a winding, narrow road called “the shortcut.” Shortcuts are what happens when developers rip out the woods and meadow across the street from your cute little house to pile in a bunch of new homes made out of matchsticks and Elmer’s glue on lots the size of gum wrappers. The view certainly changes, but it sure does take a lot less time to get to Target. Spotty thunderstorms were just starting to roll into our little section of the world, making the sky look like one of Saoirse’s post-sugary-snack watercolor paintings. We were wondering out loud if it would rain over our house, and she looked out the window. “Mom, one side of the sky is blue and the other is gray. That’s weird. It’s kind of boo-full. Maybe the clouds and the sun are playing games with each other. Maybe the sun is practicing for nighttime. “Oh, I know. The sun wants to show the clouds the moon.” Sometimes I just want to disappear into this kid’s imagination and stay there for awhile…