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Shoulda Stuck with the Crib

We moved Quinn from the crib in her room two nights ago to a brand-spanking-new twin (exactly matching her sister’s, complete with sweet identical quilts over top because by golly, we are making their shared room AWESOME.  That and SK asked that they match, which was just cute).  Saoirse was thrilled at the prospect of sharing a room with her sister (what the WHAT?).  Quinn, on the other hand, has been treating this as one part jail sentence (tears) and one part post-torture psychological breakdown (maniacal laughter, disjointed singing at odd times).  No one in the house has gotten any sleep in the past 48 hours (maybe the maniacal, sleep-deprived laughter was from me, then?).  I sent David a brief email today saying I wished we’d just gotten a second crib and not moved her into a bed at all.  He thought I was hilarious (and kidding, apparently).  So, I sent him another email.  Because, you know, he has nothing better to do at work than read his deranged wife’s hysteria in action.  Here’s the email  I sent him, at around 2:30 p.m.  Just so you…