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I’m Not at All Concerned, Honest

It appears that, at the esteemed age of 22 months, the Mighty has developed an aversion to pants. It doesn’t matter what kind of pants she’s wearing, they’re coming off. Leggings. Jeans. Pajamas. This morning, Quinn was running around in between the kitchen and the dining room, pushing a play stroller (which is empty, usually because one of the girls has unceremoniously thrown the baby doll that belongs in it into a corner.  On its head. Remind me to be careful if we ever have more kids).  All of a sudden, she stopped in her little toddler tracks, made this bizarre, exasperated grunting sound: “Ahggnnh!” and crouched, struggling with her pajama pants until they were lying on a heap on the tiled floor. And off she went, happy, and, I guess, enjoying the feel of fresh air on the backs of her knees. Meanwhile, SK and I were wandering around the house in long-sleeved t-shirts and heavy pants because it was so chilly in the house today. I don’t know what it is, but she really, really hates pants. And it’s okay, because she’s…