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Suzie the Spontaneous

My mom got her ears pierced last week. She’d been talking for years about wanting to get a second set of holes, but was always too afraid of the needle to do it. I get it, of course–if aliens were to observe our planet and witness us voluntarily stabbing ourselves in the body, all because we think it looks cute, they’d probably pick another planet to invade, like, pronto. Humans are nuts. But as someone who has gotten stabbed multiple times in the ear herself, and in the belly, and really thinks that a sharp stick to the nostril could be kind of neat, too, I guess I’m on board with the rest of the wackos. So stab away, oh strange man in a mall kiosk. I want to be pretty.  Anyway, back to my mom. She’s 69. For my entire life, she has been someone who is a perfectionist, particular. She’s someone who likes to know where her life is going to go and to have her bed made every morning. When I was growing up, the house was cleaned top to bottom every week, and then…