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And Away We Go

Welcome to Milestone Alley, occupation: five. Where shall we begin? On Friday, I got word from my agent that after approximately two years, ten months, and one day (not that I was counting), I don’t have to revise my novel anymore. Just like that, it’s ready for the next step.  And just like that, I’m working on a new idea.  Because I never liked nighttime TV, sleep before midnight, or empty hampers anyway. Today, my oldest daughter starts kindergarten, and in a sense, the rest of her life. I thought I was ready for this. I am not. Today, my tentative youngest daughter begins preschool, and takes the first step of her life that does not follow her big sister. I have to stand back and watch her go. Today, my husband begins not just a new job, not just a promotion, but a new career. Because it’s never too late. Oh, and Cian? He turned eight months old this weekend, and the very same day, two months ahead of when I expected it, started to crawl. I made lunch, and saw that he’d followed me into the kitchen. He…