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Proof that My Kid’s Smarter than I

I just watched Tangled with the girls, Santa having brought it for them because he was under the impression that Rapunzel was depicted as a go-get-’em female, a strong girl, a heroine to be heralded. What a stupid, infuriating movie. I don’t know why I periodically bring in these Disney princess movies to show Saoirse: The Princess and the Frog was a recent one, Tangled the newest. Actually, I do–I worry that I’m so massively enthusiastic that she’s (and, really, Quinn) not into princesses that I then worry that I’m swaying her with my pro-Thomas enthusiasm and in turn pressuring her to not become a tiara-wearing, makeup-wanting, prince-coveting household diva that she may or may not secretly want to be. I really don’t need to worry. The kid likes what she likes, and what she likes is healthy. If I keep this up, she’ll be 16, focusing on her studies, and I’ll be hanging outside her bedroom door begging her to just give the tattooed 20-year-old who keeps driving by our house flinging empty beer…