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Good Thing She Doesn’t Eat Hamburger

We were at the dinner table. “Mom, look at the geese!” Saoirse suddenly exclaimed.  She pointed out the window to a flock flying over our house, causing Quinn to gasp at all the excitement.  “I love the birds.” She paused, forking another heaping mound of chicken taco chili into her mouth. “Mom?” Saoirse asked.  “Do people eat birds?” I watched her, chewing happily, then looked at Quinn, who was shoving forkfuls of the chili and rice into her mouth at an alarming rate. “Um,” I said, stalling. “Do you mean birds that fly?” “Yeah!” “Um.” I swallowed. “Some people do,” I said.  “Eat birds that fly.  I don’t, though.  I don’t eat birds that fly.” “Uck.  That’s GROSS.” She took another bite of her chili, content with her analysis. “Well, you know…” I decided to continue, already feeling a little guilty that David wasn’t home from work yet to witness this conversation–or stop me from where I was leading it.  “…chicken’s…