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A Lesson in Breathing

Saoirse has refused to take swim lessons. From a teacher, I mean, or a coach, or someone actually certified to know what she’s doing. You know, important people. She decided about two years ago–probably when common sense or an awareness of her own mortality set in–that she was scared of having no control in water, and has balked at the idea of “proper” swimming since. Walking around a pool, fine. Pretending to swim in wading pools, great. But actually holding her breath and going under water and blowing bubbles and not being able to touch the bottom?  Oh, dear golly, if a squeal of fright could be any more high-pitched, our neighbors would tell you. I took her to a “tough love” swimming coach last summer and stopped lessons once I saw her actually trembling in fright on the wall. I didn’t want her to hate the water. I love the water. So does David. And there’s a freedom in knowing how to swim, a joy in jumping into the deep end knowing how fun it is to rise back to the top. Along with…