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And Then There Was That Time I Double-Checked the Thermometer

Note: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and only just now posting it. I am, as they say (don’t they?) BOL: massively, completely Behind On Life. I’m catching up, though. I hope. Well, I think. (But mainly hope).  Cian came down with a rotten cold over the weekend, and handled it as all 3-year-olds handle bad colds: he spent a day on the couch, not eating or drinking and watching lots and lots of Chuggington, and by the next day, he was bored of the TV and back to playing with his cars and his trucks and wiping his dripping nose on his sleeve. Today, Quinlan is home from school with that same cold. It’s in the early stages–slight fever, red eyes, congestion–which means it’s enough to plant her on the couch for the day (Super Buddies and My Little Pony are the viewing choices for this one), but not enough to stop her from being, er, Quinlan. “Can we have a snack?” “Can we watch TV?” “Can we watch Super Buddies? No–My Little Pony? No…